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Destiny is in Need of a Quality of Life Update (Repost)

Repost from an original that got a lot of attention, but it died over the break. I'd like to see if this post can get some attention while everyone is back. 1-10 are especially important to me and several of my friends actually. These are honest improvements that I think could contribute the the replayability of the game. Other top items I'd like to see that currently aren't on this list are: 23. Raid encounters should drop 1 armor piece and one weapon guaranteed. 24. Everyone in the raid should get an additional, drop at each encounter for each member in the fireteam that hasn't completed that raid. Players should be able to select weapon or armor for this drop. These two items go hand-in-hand with item 10. This game is about bringing guardians together, so let's do it. Original post here and pasted below: Top things I'd personally like to see: 1. All the Warlock glitches/bugs fixed. There are a lot. 2. Warlock melee speed addressed. 3. Farmable, weapon specific Gambit Prime Bounties. 4. Make all universal ornaments available for all Armor 2.0 pieces. 5. Ascendant Shards and Prisms from Valor and Infamy max ranks and resets. 6. More pinnacle drop sources (Maybe a weekly featured raid that rotates? Pinnacles from all dungeons.) 7. Vendor updates. 8. Better protection from duplicate pinnacle drops. 9. Reset on world drops. If we add more weapons to the loot pool, some need to go. Maybe tie tangled web armor and some of the other armor sets to a Spider destination engram. 10. An in-game LFG system. No app. Your casual player isn't going to go the the app every time he wants to try something new. 11. Number of crucible tokens gained after a match increased significantly. In fact, more rewards and incentive for PvP in general. 12. Choice between a weapon and a piece of armor from vendor rank up. The list probably goes on. Those 12 are just the top items that would affect the replayability of both PvE and PvP. Edit (Notable additions from replies. There are more below. I don't want to add every single one. Post will get too long.): 13. Bounties from orbit 14. Y1 Nightfall weapons brought up to year 2 with random rolls. Get rid of the 3 nightfall playlist and just add all weapons to strikes as strike specific loot. 15. Console performance improvements. 16. Black screens in PvP. 17. More sources for Eververse loot. Either make more sources for bright dust, or tie the loot to triumphs or activities. 18. More vault and inventory space. 19. More sensitivity options for controllers. 20. Ability to set quantity when deleting items. 21. Advanced tooltips for weapon and armor stats and similar things that give us accurate numbers of how much dmg increase one stack of rampage is for example. 22. Optional "apply to all items" button when previewing a shader. 25. (23 and 24 above) Raid clan engram should give raid rewards from the first raid you completed that week. If no raid was completed, it gives Vanguard gear.



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