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1/3/2020 10:17:42 PM

Bone Crushing Divas Now Recruiting All Female Gamers

[quote]Are you a girl gamer? Are you tired of playing with with guys, Do you just want to make more female friends that enjoy playing video games like you? Then look no further this is the clan for you.  We are an all female clan where you can play and have fun meeting other girl gamers who also love video games. No guys allowed. Play solo and receive the rewards of being in a clan, or find new friends to play the nightfall, raids, crucible, and other game activities. Whatever your preference is, you are all welcome here whether you are a veteran,newbie, casual, or hardcore. We currently have 90 members and have just hit level 3 :) I created this clan so that we could have a place to release some steam from our daily lives and kill some bad guys. We have a PSN community and we are also on discord! The clan is the Bone Crushin Divas. This is a PS4 clan but Xbox is welcome.  If you would like to join please follow these steps: - request to join clan - have to be on at least twice a week -If your a solo player, be willing to help others - be ready to have fun! A private message will be sent prior to being accepted. Please check your destiny app inbox for a message Share Clan[/quote]



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