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The Sisterhood of Guardians [SSTR] is Recruiting on ALL Platforms!

The Sisterhood of Guardians [SSTR] is Recruiting on ALL Platforms! Are you a female gamer looking for a community to call home? The Sisterhood of Guardians is dedicated to providing a positive, friendly, and engaging community for female-identifying Destiny players. As a part of the Sisterhood community you'll be able to connect with other ladies across all platforms through our private social network, share your strategies, and help each other achieve victory over the darkness! If Xbox is where you play you are able to join Sisterhood of Guardians club. Where you can lfg and create open parties. You are free to join the club without having to carry a clan tag. If PS4 is where you’re at, we have a SSTR community where you can also LFG, create parties and make new friends. As with Xbox this is open to any SSTR regardless of clan tag. The Sisterhood is LGBT friendly, all ages, any skill level, and always recruiting! HOW TO JOIN: Apply through our Google Form application: Check out our Group page at for our code of conduct and FAQs English



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