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12/2/2019 1:14:55 PM

Old flawless trials armor sets for 2.0

I get it that Trials may not be coming back and that's fine by me but I really hope that I could somehow claim the old Flawless trials armors with the 2.0 armor system that I unlocked in the past. The pain, the blood, the sweat and the tears I went through unlocking 2 full flawless armor sets and not just the ornaments but the ornawoments and ornachildrents too. The flawless trials sets were something very difficult for me to unlock and it was one of the best looking armor sets i've had in the game. It's saddening to see that after all the hard work these rewards are rendered useless due to new updates. Please allow me to reclaim my shiny ass gear and redeem my meager bragging rights for all the carries I went through. Honestly it'd be very cool, thanks bungo.



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