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11/24/2019 8:28:37 PM

Feature suggestion: Loadouts

I have what I think is a simple suggestion of a feature that would potentially save players a lot of time: Custom saved loadouts. So at the press of a button I could change my characters load out, including weapons, armour and subclass. Having to individually change and nearly every item (and try to remember) every time I want to change my playstyle is quite frustrating, so being able to simply save and switch to a 'melee build' or 'long range' loadout would be amazing. Players could characterise their loadouts however they wanted, based on the activity (crucible/raid/gambit etc), the element, the playstyle, whatever. I believe this wouldn't be difficult to implement, I could try and write a script that would do it through the companion app but I'd love to have a simple feature in game. To prevent this being abused in crucible I'd suggest disabling it while in a match, I rarely change my equipment during the fast paced action of a crucible match anyway but I understand some people might think being able to change the whole loadout at once could be abused during a game. This has probably been suggested a million times previously but I hope it's something Bungie are considering and working on, I hope this message finds someone with enough influence to make it happen. Let me know what you think? Any ideas on how youd like a custom loadout feature to work? Any other feature suggestions? Anyway, thanks everyone, V



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