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11/24/2019 6:52:24 PM

[PC] NA/EU Special Ops. Capable [SoC] is recruiting, new light are welcome PVE/PVP weekly raids

Special Ops. Capable [SoC] is now recruiting, we are a clan formed by experienced players from the early beginnings of Destiny and are looking to build a great community. Our clan at his core foundation is all about helping players grow and enjoy the Destiny universe. New light players are welcome and can expect to be part of our clan raids and end game journey no experience required. [b]What do we offer:[/b] - Active players - Discord - Weekly raids every Sunday 11 am EST / 10 am CST - Comp help - Quest help [b]What are we looking for:[/b] - Motivated players - Positive attitude - Fluent in English - Got a mic - Willing to raid Visit our clan page



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