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CALLING ALL DADS! | PS4 Only | DoD Outlaws | Active, Experienced, and Friendly group | Active Band chat

[b]PS4 ONLY - Must be an active player. Game history will be reviewed for approval.[/b] [b]Please read all of the below:[/b] Hello Dads! The DoD Outlaws are recruiting again! We are currently Priority acceptance goes to those with high Crucible or Raid experience. We are looking for extremely active guardians. Especially those that enjoy Raids and Iron Banner. [b][u]ABOUT US[/u][/b] We are an active community who are active in every part of the game, especially endgame content. We're a tight-knit group of 75+ active members and are looking for folks that need a home/family rather than just a place to collect clan engrams. We have a strong focus on Destiny Clan Warfare during Iron Banner. We have an in-clan friendly DCW competition. It is not mandatory, but strongly suggested to give a helping hand in our event placement by joining the group in just a few matches. It's always a good time. Our clan is molded and shaped by the needs and wants of the members. We are more a family than just a clan. We are chatty and social group and constantly help each other out while enjoying each other's company. Our main goal is to bring Destiny lovers together to get things accomplished. [b][u]WHO WE ARE[/u][/b] [b]We are the Dads of Destiny Outlaws[/b]. We are a Dad majority group of adults PS4 exclusive clan (with a few married couples). We are hardcore enough to get the job done without being elitist. [b][u]REQUIREMENTS[/u][/b] 🔵 The Band chat app is [b]required[/b]. It is the platform we use to communicate, share info, and organize play with others. If you don't plan on being active in our BAND chat, please don't join as it will result in you being kicked at some point for inactivity. 🔵 Over 21 years old 🔵 Have a Mic of some sort for voice chat 🔵 Own Annual Pass 🔵 Play nice with others. Have a good attitude and respect clanmates time. No toxicity. 🔵 must be a team player and not a know-it-all 🔵 Active. (Play a couple times a week.) 🔵 We have a No lone wolfs policy. Be active at least once a week with other clan members in clan activities. (unless mentioned to admin otherwise) 🔵 Be Social. (Shy, solo gamers, and rage quitters need not apply.) 🔵 close to current light level or working towards it 🔵agree to join our BAND chat within 24 hours of being accepted into the clan. [b][u]HOW WE DO THINGS[/u][/b] 🔵We communicate in our Band chat [b]Note: If you are inactive in Band, you may not be a good fit, because that's how this clan communicates with one another[/b] 🔵 Inactivity constitutes as a lack of activity in our BAND chat as well as in-game (to include not ever playing with members when you get online) 🔵We regularly play Destiny. It's our hobby. If members are inactive from the game for longer than a 2 week period, they may be removed so we can keep spaces open for active members * 🔵We give clanmates 1st priority when building fireteams whenever possible. 🔵We have multiple sherpas that run raids during the week 🔵We achieve max rank each season 🔵Monthly giveaways for DCW Iron Banner 🔵*[i] If you are going to be inactive for a prolonged period, please let us know. Real life comes first.[/i] [b][u]Location and Time Zone:[/u][/b] The clan is mainly based in North America and mainly Central and Eastern time. We typically play weekday nights after work predominantly in the EST and CST. Many of our clan members have full time jobs and/or family commitments. So, as much as we love playing Destiny 2, we understand that work and family come first. [b][u]HOW TO JOIN [/u][/b] 🔵 Upvote this post 🔵 [u][b] REPLY IN THIS POST THAT YOU'RE INTERESTED and tell us a little about yourself [/u][/b] 🔵 Apply to the Clan (please leave old clan first) 🔵 Wait for an admin to contact you for a quick chat in a private message here on the app [b]Find us, the DoD Outlaws here[/b]:



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