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Are You New To The Destiny Universe Or A Hardend Veteran?, Needing Help or Just Somewhere to Chill? If So, We Are Now Accepting New Members Of All Abilities. Limited Places Available.[PS4]

The "Vicious Hamsters" on PS4 (A clan since D1) We are a mature clan who understands the trials and tribulations of real life and with that in mind we don't have a host of ridiculous requirements. All we ask is that members be engaging both in game and on BAND and be understanding. We are a clan after all. Our player base consists of players from Britain and Ireland, all over Europe and nearly all time zones in the U.S. We also have; to help everyone progress in game, and in their skill set; dedicated Raid, PvE and PvP coaches, who are only too happy to pass on some of their tips and tricks. (Are you possibly our next coach?) We will happily help, teach and coach those that ask for help but we are NOT an lfg service. We ask only for members to carry their own weight to the best of their abilities. It's not a big ask, is it? We use BAND for all clan communication   It's possibly our only real requirement of membership. Requests for clan membership on or companion app will not be processed unless accompanied by a request on BAND and vice versa. (This is purely to help speed up the application process). BAND requests should be made with your PSN account name. Please also bear in mind in an effort to keep our clan in an active and healthy state we perform activity checks on a 30 day cycle anyone found to be inactive and that meets the criteria as set out by the Admin team will unfortunately be removed from the clan list. So if your interested, just apply on or the companion app ALONG with your BAND application, and become part of the Hamster revolution. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We will try to respond promptly.



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