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[Suggestion] Add more sources of upgrade mats (enhancement cores, prisms, & shards)

Title says it all. I've run many Ordeal Nightfalls (probably two if not three dozen by now -- I try to ignore the tally since grinding is not fun for me), including 950s and the occasional 980. [b]Last season, I had 2-3 sets[/b] of gear MW'd. [b]This season[/b], I have [b]one piece[/b] MW'd on [b]one character[/b]. Potential solutions: - Make prisms a rare drop in gambit and crucible. Ideally add them to the game elsewhere as well. - Make shards rare in 950 NF's and add them to the game elsewhere as well. Many players I LFG with struggle in 980s and thus make the game simply not fun. - Cores also need to be more readily supplied. I started this season with ~400 and am now down to ~400. Don't forget this is with only MW'ing one piece of gear. Yes, I've MW'd 2-3 weapons too but that takes nowhere near that many. I've cleared GoS and got divinity and am satisfied with that particular piece of content. I get tired of running the same lair/dungeon over and over and over since they only change every reset. How NFs are the only alternative source of these upgrade mats is bewildering to me.



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