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11/7/2019 10:41:26 PM

Are you willing to admit that your belief in science is a form of faith?

Strictly speaking, science is meant to operate as a methodological way of interpretating our senses. But people make it so much more than that, they speak of Science with a capital "S" as if it will solve our problems, save the planet, and exalt mankind to a new plane of being. Just watch any documentary to see the overtones of awe and metaphysical wonder that scientific findings are supposed to elicit. It has little difference from the awe inspiring content one finds in church. As a flat earther I subscribe to a strict empiricism that is more than Science. It trusts the sense, not the methodology of how the senses are used. That we see is enough. Do not treat your ability to sense the world as equal to belief in God. Science can't fill that void. Stop worshipping at the alter of Science...



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