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11/1/2019 2:34:29 AM

Aztecross exotic for charity.

So aztecross brought up the proposition for a titan exotic to come back for donations. 1. I think we should bring back an exotic for each class for these donations, and bungie should make a vote list for each class so we as a community can choose. 2. Everyone, dlc or not should get to have these exotics, they should be made a general pool exotic avaible to everyone to earn. Wether you played since D1 or D2, it would be nice that 3 pieces get added for everyone. 3. My big contender's for two pieces are :The Ram for warlocks, :Twilight Garrison for titans. I don't ideally know what would be ideal for hunter's to receive once more. But please share this and get it in bungie's attention, this could be a positive thing for everyone atleast.



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