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10/31/2019 5:05:59 PM

Accessibility: Enemy shield types are indistinguishable

I'm new to Destiny (907 in New Light) but I've had around 40 hours logged in the game so far. I'm colorblind and that makes it very difficult for me to interpret color communication in Destiny and any other game or aspect of life. Destiny is actually pretty color blind-friendly, but there are two important gameplay elements that depend on color communication: Elemental damage and ammo types. Elemental shields are a really interesting game mechanic. Matching your damage type to the shield color is a great implementation except when you can't see colors. I really cannot tell the difference between Void and Arc shields in gameplay scenarios. Yet, I've noticed that many different shapes and textures of shields exist in the game. Some are round and squat and have blocky effects, some are cylindrical and have a lattice-like texture... this is great except it's completely irrelevant to their game functions. To remedy this, shield graphics should communicate their elemental weakness with shape communication. And no, the colorblind modes don't help. For example, all Arc shields should have a consistent shape and texture across all enemies, being elliptic and with that shimmery edge. Void shields could all be cylindrical with a lattice pattern like the Minotaur void shield. Solar shields could all be squat and round with horizontal bands like that of a Centurion. The point is they should be visually distinct beyond just their coloration. Another minor note is that it's hard to tell the difference between the green and white stripes on ammo indicators for primary and special ammo. I wouldn't mind it taking a little extra space to display the double shell next to special ammo weapons, or some other adjustment.



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