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10/31/2019 9:34:23 AM

Sick of the Traveler’s dogma.

New dungeon and xeno quest are great fun but so quick

Love the new dungeon. Great fun, easy mechanics, I might actually be able to solo it hopefully. Same with the xeno quest and the boss fight. Shining examples of good content. BUT They both released on the same day and it was all done in less than five hours. I like that I can repeat the dungeon each week real quick for pinnacle gear; I actually got a masterworked chest piece so I was very happy. Hopefully the rewards are that good each week. Xenophage as an exotic is a bit lacking. Fun to use on ads and majors and that’s about it. You don’t even get to see the bug in the gun except for the split second in reload. I’m hoping that the dungeon maybe will get some new timegated rewards or secret sections added to it like shattered throne.



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