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10/22/2019 11:02:22 PM


What's up my fellow guardians and video game enthusiasts!? I Tagious....pronounced (TaY-JUS) invites all those seeking a new clan or their very first clan to consider THE HYPERION!! Where no guardian gets left behind.....unless you're foolish to believe Titans or Warlocks are in the same league as jk. But all jokes aside... We're a clan that prides ourselves on teamwork, communication, respect, family and most of all fun. But I must WARN you.... We take our expectations of new members very serious as we are trying to build a culture of excellence!!! The following...while not an exhaustive list... ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE! *[b]Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!![/b]. Disrespect will not be tolerated! We believe in airing out any grievances we may have with each other privately. We also have several lady clan members so we ask that you keep the vulgarity to a minimum. *[b]Smiling Faces w/ Hidden Agendas[/b]. Be honest with your intentions when considering joining. If you plan on joining just to collect weekly clan engrams or enlist the help of others only to be MIA when they or someone else needs help... STAY RIGHT WHERE YA AT! [b]Family First[/b]. We mean this on both sides of the equation. We understand that everyone has friends in other clans and they might want your assistance from time to time. All we ask is that you consult the clan first. Everyone in the clan may schedule any activity they'd like through the companion app or our clan discord chat. We even have admins dedicated to each activity so help is never far away!"We are only as strong as our weakest link". Never shy away from asking myself or any of the other admins for help. On the flip side...this isn't Ready Player One.....we understand if you have priorities away from the game...we do too lol. Just communicate your availability. However.... "Seasonal Players" need not apply! [b]Why So Serious?[/b]. Listen folks, we all say and do some boneheaded things that get the unwanted but friendly attention of your fellow clan mates. Learn to laugh at yourself.... I know we will! Lol. Be coachable as well. Our Leader doesn't hold back if you're bringing the team down. We can't always bring our A game's but accepting that is the first step in getting better! [b]Pay It Forward[/b]. As we continue to expand our clan, we're hoping to attract players that may have an interest in becoming an Admin some day. Of course you must first earn your strips, but as members come and go we want to make sure we have enough support from an Admin perspective that will ensure the continued growth and success of HYPERION!!! [b]Oh No They Didn't![/b] Two things I must stress...1) For notifications sake....Please keep the non-destiny chatter on the apps to a bare minimum!! I agree... in-grown hairs are the worst but I shouldn't see that on my app notifications! Lol. 2) We pride ourselves on NOT watching videos when partaking in new raids/content! Please don't be that guy or girl who start complaining that what we're doing is different from what you saw in the video. That's a quick way to find yourself on the bench! The only THE HYPERION WAY!!! If you've made it down this far, I'll assume you're seriously considering joining us. If so, on behalf of THE HYPERION thank you and welcome!! ~Tagious7386



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