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Client Launchers Suck

I want to play this game without a launcher. Anytime I purchase a game I like to play the game itself independent from any "easy to use" launcher. They most often cause more problems than they are worth and often have worse networks than without. If I pre-order ShadowKeep digital deluxe from can I just run the game with log in credentials within it's own launcher or will I be forced to download through steam? And, if this is the case, why isn't there a way to do so? I mean.. f*^& it, I'll even re-purchase the entirety of Destiny 2 if it means I don't have to go through any Third party launcher. I own 89 Steam games which thankfully, I can bypass steam on all, but even having to go through that extra step is extremely annoying. These convoluted 3rd party/proprietary launchers/game libraries need to die out. I can organize my own games just fine.



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