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8/11/2019 7:02:53 AM

Bungie Owes Me The Recluse

I am sick & tired of getting matched into comp time & time again against people that even after 4 head shots with a Beloved sniper , they still DO NOT tack a lick of damage. I should of hit Fabled Glory rank over a month ago but 9/10 matches there are multiple guardians that will not take damage and kill others 1 shot through walls with a basic auto rifle cross map. It's about time Bungie dose good buy the people that grind the right way to get these good weapons and do more to keep the integrity of the game intact. At the moment the game is getting less fun to play and more of a headache on why do i keep playing when I keep getting screwed over by Bungie's match making system and their weapon generation systems. Before people say it's your internet, it's not i repeat IT IS NOT MY INTERNET as mine is running at top speed & it's only Destiny that it all happens so it''s Bungie's end. So Bungie I think you owe me The Recluse for being screwed over in comp due to the fact that I cant put damage on 90% of my opponent even with heavy due to what ever reason you want to call it. Please do something about this problem Bungie & make your game good again



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