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Hard Light and Borealis

Hey, I'm sure this question has been asked many times, but why do Hard Light and Borealis rotate their element types in the opposite order of the Prism PvE affix? Would the weapons be broken if they did rotate their elements the same way as Prism? I don't think the weapons see a lot of play as it is and in my opinion would make them more popular if Bungie did change the order for them. The reload (even with the decreased reload time catalyst for Borealis) still feels bad to have to reload twice to match the element each time. It seems like I only manage to get a few kills before I'm reloading twice again. Maybe the catalyst for the weapons can include switching (fixing) the order so they match (adding incentive to grind for them)? If anyone thinks this would be OP I would like to hear why they think so. They are exotics, but they just kinda feel like any other legendary of their weapon type. Letting them shine in Prism affix days/weeks would be really cool. extra: As a side note, is Borealis possibly made by Omolon despite it not showing on the weapon?



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