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4/22/2019 2:45:53 AM

Stop saying this event "changed the meta"

It hasn't the event only added more to the current meta, If this event changed the meta we wouldn't be seeing as many Dustrock blues or LH/NF in crucible but guess what. We see the same amount of LH and dustrocks in crucible but now the enemy team can span grenades making it even harder to fight the meta. Bungie should have used this update to fix blaring issues with Crucible such as maps supers and yes the meta. But instead Bungie decided to do this not only ruining crucible in general but making the problems with the game more inherent. For example instead of being able to fusion rifle/back up and kill a shotgunner around a corner, now not only do I have to do that now I have to worry about the flinch of the grenades the shotgunner throws on the ground distracting me letting the shotgunner rush me without any retaliation. Oh and the arc week update hell I didn't realize how broken that update made the arc class grenades until now hell I love just getting arc webbed 4 times before just burning from the solar grenade that was also tossed. Im honestly convinced that bungie doesn't play test any of these updates or simply just doesn't care about this game anymore. Tldr: Hitting something broken with a hammer doesn't fix it



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