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4/6/2019 6:38:54 AM

Bow Mortals! Bow Down Before My Chimney!

Only at a time such as this could I rise from slumber, rise up to bless the forum with chimneys. For today is the day all shall know the beauty and splendor of the chimney! With the porch, a house is one. And as one great house, we the children of offtopic are bonded together by the towering height of the chimney, and the comfort of the porch. Today, we honor that which rises, and sends smoke into the sky... [spoiler]In fact, chimney's indirectly prove the planar nature of Earth's morphology. If our would was a sphere, and spinning at 1000mph, the smoke rising from your chimney would not ascend straight up on a windless day. It would slant with the direction of the Earth's spin[/spoiler]



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