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Pinnacle Weapons Added to Loot pool after resetting valor???

Bungie, what would you guys think of the options for having pinnacle weapons be added to the loot pool for players after hitting a certain rank? (I'm not just thinking Luna's howl, but also other pinnacle weapons like breakneck and Loaded question.) I am bracing myself for the inevitable "get good" rhetoric that will follow... Let's take crucible for example. What are your thoughts on adding Luna's howl to the loot pool for players after they reset their quickplay rank once in a season, or even after hitting a specific rank? Obviously with a lower RNG, but then it would be accessible to players like myself who don't necessarily have the skills to solo my way to fabled or legend rank in competitive, but still have the desire to grind a bunch of pvp for a shot at getting the specific weapon? And reserve Not forgotten and other "higher tier" versions of those pinnacle weapons for competitive ranking just like they currently are. This would give us an opportunity to play a crazy ton of crucible, put in some hard work and lots of time, and cross our fingers at the end of each match hoping to get that elusive pinnacle weapon. (Still have it guaranteed in a faster way through a quest for those skilled enough to do so). I personally see no harm in this and would envision it creating a renewed vigor for crucible and strikes especially. I know myself and many others who used to play more would definitely get back to the grindstone for the shot at getting those weapons, without being blocked by a seemingly insurmountable skill gap. Let me know your guys honest thoughts on a system like this :) P.S I understand that a certain portion of players who earned the crap out of these guns grinding through competitive will be bitter at the thought of making them more easily attainable, for example the broadsword incident, however I do ultimately believe this would cause more excitement for the player base that actually plays the game for enjoyment, than it would create anger. However, we all know that the bitter and hateful minority groups tend to be the loudest. (People who payed up to $300 for others to earn it for them will no doubt be among that group that complains as well.)



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