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12/18/2018 8:50:18 PM

Secret Victories Emblem

Hey guys I have done everything to try and get this emblem to drop. I have done all ascendant challanges, blind well for months straight, talked to queen and weekly petra bounties. This emblem will not drop for me. I also know around 100 other players who are furious with this emblem not dropping for them either. This is the only emblem in this game with no source. So bungie please give us a source ? Or an update to make It easier for us to achieve this emblem. I have done everything in this game to try and get this emblem. I believe this is bugged for most players. Myself and other players have worked so hard for this emblem to drop , the fact that its needed for cursebreaker and wayfarer is impossible to claim the title. Please bungie help us guardians find a way.



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