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What are your thoughts on Ability recharge times?

As a returning Destiny 1 no-DLC player coming to Destiny 2 Forsaken, one of the first readjustments I've been learning is the slower ability re-charge rates. I'm in two minds about this. One stream of thought is that it's a good change. It accomodates for the new class ability and supers; and it should encourage team coordination which fits with Destiny's social shooter aspects. However, with more playtime I can't help feel that grenade and melee recharge a bit too slowly at base value. It's hard to practice using these abilities since the recharge is about 1.5 minutes long. Then when factoring the armor mods / perks & subclass passives, ability recharge become highly variable (90s to 30s) [excluding instant refresh passives for some classes; and exotics]. In crucible I find that the slowness of grenade regen limits my capability to control spaces; and prevent enemies from rushing me. I can't help think this may explain why shotgun-rushing should-charging titans or gambler dodging hunters are so popular ATM. Its really hard to stop a foe that's rushing. A grenade seems to be the perfect tool for that but more often than not it's on cooldown. In PvE I find that base recharge makes missing grenade or melee kills too punishing since then can't get the snowball effect from sublcasses and armor working... Great example is knife juggler. If you miss you have to wait 1.5 minutes to get your knife back... which feels like forever and you miss all the knife throws you can't make! I'm mostly okay with class ability and super cooldowns, though they too can be inconsistent given subclas / armor / exotic perks... I'm more okay with this mainly for PvE, but for crucible it feels a bit cheap to repeatedly die to people who can exploit such setups. I'd be okay if I had atleast a fighting chance, like say being able to chuck a grenade to escape... but more often than not I don't have a grenade in those situations. So what are other's perspectives. Agree, Disagree. Problem, Non-problem? I mostly swap around my classes allot so have experience with all classes but am new so don't have an exotic collection or 'builds' yet. Be good to hear from more experience players and other newcomers / returners as well.



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