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Finally got my Vigilance Wing Catalyst ^_^

Despite the plethora of posts this might get buried under I still wanted to share something with y'all. I have been playing Destiny 2 since day 1. PvP is something I never really got into all of D1. So I was a bit skeptical to do so when D2 launched. At first I would only force myself to play it for the milestones. Gradually I grew accustomed to it, trying my best to get through the matches and then it happened I got Vigilance wing to drop on one of my matches as a reward. Back then MIDA was the meta and only whispers about Vigilance Wing's greatness were heard. There was something about this gun, something that felt just right, the 5 round burst, heal on ally kill all these enticed me to give it a shot. And tbh I was hooked. Like I fell in love with this gun, every single PVP match I ever played was with this gun, any victory for an average player such as myself I would attribute it to this gun. And then Bungie announced catalysts and I heard Vigilance wing too got one, a random drop from victory in crucible. I had played a good amount of PVP then around 300 matches. Now I made it the focus of my time to get that catalyst to drop. I heard people got the catalyst as a random drop in quickplay, I played a lot of quickplay and then I heard people say IB gives the better chance for it to drop I played a lot of IB and then to top it all I heard it drops from playing Comp and believe it or not for someone who despises competitive I went out of my way to play comp just to have a chance at getting it. I put countless forum posts on help and feedback, asking Bungie if it was bugged or something and why for the amount of time I spent using this gun wasn't I awarded it's catalyst. Again I am a PvE player so any PvP was a big time investment for me. And then it finally happened I was playing quick play with my clan mates yesterday and we had a pretty good match and the catalyst dropped at the end of it as reward. I flipped, like FLIPPED, I screamed so much everyone in the Party might have gone deaf. They thought I had got the Luna's howl or something, pff this to me is greater than that. Incidentally I got it on my 1000th PvP match. It is for this moment I spent the last year in wait for this exact moment I have grinded though PvP so much that I have begun to like it. Like many things in Destiny using Vigilance wing is something you grow into. Despite all the shotguns/snipers/midas/AceOfSpades/Bows through all of this Vigilance Wing has carried me though, like a trusted friend who never lets you down. This gun has helped me turn matches around, get crazy multi kills and through it all made PvP so much more fun to me. To who ever designed this gun the way it looks, the way it fires, the feel of it. Thank you for making a reluctant PvE player get into PvP and be decent in it. Hats off to them and to top it all............. I finally got the Vigilance Wing CATALYST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading through this, hope you have a nice day ^_^



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