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9/29/2018 7:49:35 PM

To l y r r o (mainly): W.R.O.N.G.

Someone PM this dood, this user doesn't do that, long story. Hey lyrr, this user was just scrolling thru threads here and read yr reply to the 'toxic' thread and this user was with yr take up until halfway thru yr reply. Yes, identity politics is narcissism incarnate, and it goes all the way around for whatever the in-group preference is and doesn't discriminate (globalist, communist, ultra/values/civic nationalist, socialist, fascist, blakpower/Wkanda, whytpower/Oranyuh, atheist or anti-theist, gnostic/agnostic, religious, feminist, trols and merchants everywhere for little-to-no-reason, because as YronBrook of the A y n R a n d Institute said, the group cannot reason, only the individual, as C. J u n g extolled the virtues of too, is capable of reason, so seeing others and one's self in the plural is a large part of the problem, because it's easier to dehumanize, but if in the singular and one is taken to the side and spoken to and recognized in the singular rather than de-individuate further), however this user then had a bone to pick with yuh and yuh went off-the-rails into postmodern (anti-humanist), intersectional, SJW thought that was very anti-human and individual. This whole 'privilege'/white privilege/first-world privilege is WRONG, not in the sense this user is recognizing this to be real or if real as real a problem as it is purported to be at such a large scale in terms of magnitude and of such frequency, but in that this is NOT a 'thing', insofar as it is purported to be or the main problem or that it is connected to the rhetoric of being 'special' and able to do anything with can-do-attitudes. If anything yuh contradicted yrself and such a mindset is contradictory. People have been indoctrinated for far too long to HATE the accumulation of 'wealth' and conflate terms like prejudice with racist (when, in fact, racism is prejudice PLUS negative offensive action, EVERYONE is prejudiced and to discriminate is a human function and even HEALTHY), science with bigotry (bigotry of soft-expectations is abundantly clear with yr post's rhetoric; methodology is not inferred from the science, it is not the science it is the methodology after-the-fact, the HOW of the data being interpreted and its effects NOT the data itself), and equality with equity (0 percent is not necessarily absolutely zero 0.000, as a gamer that should be clear and there are more complicating factors than simply splitting a pie or crumb of food evenly into even-numbered fractions with everyone getting a piece through distributism, which doesn't work as long as there is a scarcity of resources at the very least). Yuh are playing RIGHT into the hands of the supposed 'enemy' camp, because both the control-progressive-radical-'leftist' and the alt-right/ethno-crowd all believe in the collective over the individual's Rights to either speech or movement and see things as 'oughts' in a flurry of 'absolutism', which is, frankly, disturbing and invalid. X must equal Y and WILL equal Y and because A doesn't exist B must be true and people know B is true because A doesn't exist, reciprocal reasoning fallacy, among other fallacious argument tactics like strawmanning (look up 1 9 8 4 and philosophy by S c o r r i e for a good list of these underhanded tactics and 'T h e R i g h t e o u s M i n d by H a i d t, even though both of these books were written by very liberal-minded people, another term that has been hijacked, and this user is more of an AnCap-anarchist/voluntarist (to the side of libertarian on steroids)-minded human being, it's okay stuff, same with a quote by R o a l d D w o r k i n, despite being a tremendous 'leftist', people need to be able to disagree with another's position yet still recognize their position and accept their moral responsibility, as the quote goes, NOT accept EVERYTHING as an attack in Chomskeesque fashion as Prof. B r e t W e i n s t e i n talked about at a S F L C event in C A N this past spring. First-of-all......EVERYONE.IS.SPECIAL. WHY WHY WHY AND HOW can people today subscribe to this notion people are not unique when they CLEARLY are???? Herd-mentality has ruined what such people's aggressor/oppressor-class think and subscribing to the same rhetoric is ASININE and CANCEROUS!!! To call someone a 'snowflake', as StefnMolynu is prone to say, is 'not an argument' (guy's a bit of a sell-out to this more hardline, principled person on the nationalism/Truhmp/borders sht, and has stopped listening to some 4 dozen YTubers/content creators this user used to follow religiously, daily, and listen to multiple multi-hour streams in a manifestation of this user's virtually insatiable thirst for knowledge and wisdom and figuring out and helping the world and those in it, comparing and contrasting and investigating multiple people and events and ideas and their pros and cons and conspiracies thereof). Same with 'soyboy'......WHAT is with this FOOTBALL-TEAM-MENTALITY of things people want/believe in and dislike in their 'camp'? It's NUTRITION and MRDER, how is nutritional differences or transportation differences a determining factor in one's politics? Can a CEO not be a vegan? Can X eat Y or sleep with Z or drive in or ride in an A or own a B and still be X? Don't conflate crony capitalism by the kakistocracy/psychopathocracy/corporatocracy as reason to build one their own glass-ceiling to not exceed!!!! THAT'S WHAT 'THEY' WANT!!! What the n W o (insert boogeyman here) WANT!!! Be better and rise above and provide by leading by example and sorting one's self out first and not depending on State government or organized religion to distribute anything! A free-for-all finders keepers is the only fair way and capitalism, true free marketry, is the way to go about things, it fixes itself! Gullivr's Travels' gigantic being on the midgt island.....there's 2 now, government and the economy, the economy has a strict routine of a path around the island each day, the government entity is erratic with their footfalls and sometimes pretends to be the midgts friend and CREATES corporations because it's GOVERNMENT that recognizes corporations as people that can vote when, in fact, otherwise, they are merely companies, no different than other companies. People HATE companies and businessmen, like commie Chna of old, HATING merchants out of paranoia, instead of government, which like H L Menkn said, is no different than yuh or this user as simply just a gang of men. Why clip one's own nearly-flightless brd's wings (C h o c o b o s from F F series games) to be lifted to a hill where less greens grow to avoid the risk of being flooded in the valley where they grow more so when it's easier for predator dragons to swoop down and feast? There's only so much one can ask their master to strip down and give, a lvl 99 player in a lvl 1 area in a game and give a million in-game credits to anyone who could defeat 'im will win because the base stats are still too high and H u e y L o n g redistribution (force) DOES.NOT.WORK. The ONLY way to beat that dood, like the Sowth Prk episode from ten yrs ago that won an award, is to exile one's self, LEVEL UP, and return like the hero in a Cmpellic storyline! The hero's tale! These catch-all terms are as cringeworthy as their counterparts, isms ics phobias flakes 'boys degenerates WHATEVER, F OFF leave this user alone and leave each other alone, DEUCES! Politics is downstream from cult-ure, culture may or may not be downstream from race, but ALL are downstream from environment, and the more free (Access to abundance at the risk of failure) the environment, the higher aggregate security, happiness, and truth and success go as M r k P a s s i o talked about at this past A n a r c h a p u l c o conference (2018). CONCEPTS are eternal and immortal, they are CONCEPTS, ideas have people, as DocJBP said on a J R E episode. Do people actually think they have a set-date they can declare victory over these boogeyman ideas of racism and sxism being defeated? ROFLCOPTER INTO INFINITY AND BEYOND BAHTMAN! Perpetual wahr for perpetual selling of peace, 1 9 8 4....wi've always been at wahr with EstAsia!.....Now Oceania.....nope, back to E A on. Peace.Luv.AndANARCHY!



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