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5/31/2018 12:25:23 AM

Destiny 2 Topic: The one about Weapon Balancing.

Currently, in this moment of time,Weapons in the Crucible, for the lack of better terms, doesn't seem too well; a combined 27.3% of all matches within the crucible are of the Graviton Lance and the Vigilance Wing, even though there are literally at least 150 different legendary weapons within the game, but why is it? To be blunt, their time to kill is the most reasonable factor, along with the range they can kill at. The Graviton Lance is a 257 RPM Exotic Pulse Rifle that shoots 2 bullets instead of the usual 3, along with the first bullet having minimal damage and the second bullet the highest damage of the two. The gun has maximum stability, so it is hard to miss your shots at the more skilled level, and it covers a great area on the map. The Vigilance Wing is a 530 RPM Exotic Pulse Rifle that shoots 5 bullets per Burst instead of 3, all doing 20 to the head. The stability is pretty decent, along with the range, all of this excluding one of its perks "Last Stand." It hold one of, if not, the fastest time to kill in all of Destiny 2; so what do I think? I'd say increase the time to kill with all weapons to a [i]reasonable [/i] scale, so that they can compete with other weapons. For the two exotic weapons listed above, I'd say nerf their range, but I don't think that would fit well in the community. Tell me, what do you Guardians think Bungie can do? Leave your opinion in the Comments below. Stay Good, Guardians.



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