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4/25/2018 6:36:07 PM

An RPG approach to Int/Dis/Str

Hi all, As an effort to put some RPG elements in Destiny and to give the player more agency when it comes to their ability cooldowns, I think Bungie should bring back Intellect, Discipline, and Strength. However, instead of making them attached to armor as in Destiny 1 Bungie should instead attach them to your character level. The reason why I think they should be tied to character level instead of as armor stats is because I feel that it is our mastery of the Light that powers these abilities, not our armor. A system that I would personally enjoy is that you'll get points everytime your level increases that you can choose to distribute amongst the 3 stats. You will be able to distribute the points differently for each of your subclasses. Unlike how Destiny 1 gated the ability cooldown reductions by Tiers, every point you put in a stat will decrease the respective ability cooldown. In addition, this new system would use Tiers to provide general perks to that ability. For examble, reaching the Tier 1 for Str would increase the damage on your melee ability or reaching Tier 3 would increase your melee attack speed. These perks would be general enough to provide benefit for the different subclass paths. What I like about this system is that as the level cap increases with Destiny releases, we as Guardians are actually getting stronger and not that we're just getting stronger weapons and armor. Bungie can always decide on a hard cap on the max cooldown reduction they want each stat to provide and can set the curve to how the stat points affect the cooldown reduction.



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