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Florida Governor Announces Plan to Implement new Gun Control Measures

It seems as though the student's protests have actually accomplished something, though not all of their demands are being met. Here are the major points: 1) Governor Rick Scott has said that he does not support the arming of teachers. According to him, the only armed individuals in schools should be trained law enforcement officers. 2) His proposal would ban mentally ill individuals and individuals under the age of 21 from buying or owning guns. 3) The AR-15 would still be legal under this plan. 4) The plan would increase public education funding in order to allow for at least one security guard in every school. 5) The plan also calls for a hotline to report warning signs or suspicious activity. Discuss. My personal opinion is that this plan is mostly good. A person like the Parkland shooter should not have been able to purchase any kind of gun, given his record and mental state. That said, I don't think raising the hard age limit is necessary. Perhaps there should be extra steps involved for those under 21, but there are certainly 18-year-olds mature and responsible enough to handle firearms. Though the students wanted the AR-15 banned, I agree with the governor that bans on certain weapon types are not the solution.



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