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1/21/2018 12:18:12 PM

Offtopic I Need Your Help, I've Had A Relapse

I know all of us struggle to varying degrees, some less than others. But the war took its toll. I spent so long fighting in #destiny, that I got salted by the salt. I was one of the first on the ground during Christmas, when all of you were drinking egg nog and chilling under the mistletoe. I was on the ground trolling #destiny amid the eververse shit storm. While commander Hoth was preoccupied I laid the ground work for the noble efforts of other more glorious Offtopians who managed to bait even Cozmo himself. But it took its toll: as a few of you may have noticed, I recently started posting seriously in a couple threads without first consecrating said posts to Almighty Rick. I'm sorry. I still want to post there. I feel the need to whine. Please help me. Post dank memes, dark humor, Ugandan knuckles - anything to get me through this detox period. And I promise, once I am back on my feet I will troll #destiny harder than they ever have been trolled before.



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