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Here Is Bungie's Address: Let's Start Mailing Them Monopoly Money Until They Remove Everpur$e

Their physical address is: [quote]Bungie 550 106th NE, Suite #207 Bellevue, WA 98004-5088[/quote] I propose that we send them something [u]besides[/u] digital complaints that they can just [u]igno[url=]r[/url]e[/u]. Lets show them how our grandparents would make change [u]happen, in the real world[/u]! For less than 50 cents you can go buy a stamp, lick it, slap it on an envelope, thrown in some monopoly money, and send it to Bungie! Forget [u]pet[url=]i[/url]tions[/u], [u]boy[url=]c[/url]otts[/u], and online rage. They dont listen. Send them a real world message of what we [u]thin[url=]k[/url][/u] about corporate greed! Who is with me? Mail them an envelope of monopoly money with [b]REMOVE EVERVERSE[/b] written on each one.



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