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Official Petition Requesting The UN to Reprimand Bungie for Using Eververse (EverCurse) ***Edit 2: 482 Signatures And Counting!!! Follow The Link And Sign for Change!!!*** Sign the petition today! If we want Bungie to hear us we need to do more than just burn the forums, we must light a fire the world can see!!! Eververse is just a cheap system that empowers a culture of gambling and laziness among its player base. This needs to change. If enough add their voice to the chorus, Bungie will hear! [b]***Please follow the link to sign the petition and like this thread as well!*** ***Comment [u]#endeververse[/u] below***[/b] Edit: Your support is the flame that will bring real change. Even if the UN does not officially acknowledge this [url=][u]issue[/u][/url] bungie will know that we are serious, [b]that we are willing to take it to the top.[/b] We are sick of predatory transactions, we are sick of corporate greed, we are sick of not being heard. Keep the support coming! We can do it guardians! Edit 2: I am overwhelmed by this support! Keep it coming guardians! Bungie will likely not comment, but we can rest assured that they have seen. Seen that we are serious about the content of our game, serious about the welfare of impressionable minds, serious about routing out corporate greed. [u][b][i][url=]As of now, our Petition has 231 signatures! For a real world petition this says something! Lets take this farther! Share the petition on Facebook and other social media, share it on reddit, share it with friends you know who are tired of predatory practices in gaming! TOGETHER, WE CAN GIVE THIS THE MOMENTUM TO MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD!!!!![/url][/i][/b][/u]



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