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11/11/2017 1:57:41 AM

Meele attack change, hold for meele ability!

So, one of the biggest things the devs could improve easily imo, is to change the melee attack. As a Warlock, my Meele is very important for special situations, so i cant just use my meele when i NEED my meele, because i waste the ability. There are already abilitys where you have to hold the key, like the overcharged grenade on Voidwalker. So my question is, would it be that difficult to do the same for the meele ability? Just being able to hold the key half a second to charge the meele and activate the ability whenever you want and need to, would be just amazing. Because i really dont like spraying a mag at an enemie that i just could meele, but cant, because i dont want to waste the power. Anyone else who would love to being able to meele enemies in... meele range without wasting a very important ability by holding down half a second or something?



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