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Bungie, your ban policy -blam!-ing sucks

Sympathetic console player here, and I've been reading about PC players getting banned left, right, and center. Apparently for some people it's due to using Discord Overlay while playing D2. Regardless, because of Bungie's shitty policy, after a player gets banned, they won't even discuss it with them. There appears to be no possibility whatsoever of getting a ban overturned or even getting to talk to someone about it. You just sign in to Destiny, and 5 minutes later get a notification saying you're not allowed to play anymore. Nothing saying why, nothing saying what you can do about it. All you get is "tough shit, deal with it", and are expected to go on with your day. The fact that a policy like this exists is -blam!-ing retarded, it assumes that Bungie is faultless, and that everybody they ban automatically deserves to never play the game again, regardless of whether or not they're actually guilty. It's not guilty until proven innocent, it's even -blam!-ing worse. It's guilty...and nothing. You can't prove your innocence, you're not even allowed to try. It's stupid as -blam!-, and it baffles me how anybody can possibly think that a policy like this is even remotely acceptable in a AAA title. Change your -blam!-ing policy, Bungie. EDIT: Oh, and that copy-pasted "there are account restrictions and there are bans" response that I see on almost every ban-related post can -blam!- right off. That's just insulting.



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