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由GGU_Atlas編輯: 10/23/2017 6:18:24 PM

Survival Mode PvP/PvE For D2

So I think most of us can agree Destiny 2 is dying and it has to do with a lot of mechanics that Bungie changed from Destiny 1 and reward system. Chances are is there not going too chance much in the Game. And this Survival mode is a long shot as well due to the fact we would need Dedicated Servers instead of Peer to Peer. But anyways it would be cool to have a Survival modes where you and your Fireteam spawn into a planet like EDZ along with other Match made fireteams. Objective is be the last Fireteam standing. Yes there would have to be mode to the game mode then just was I stated but it a start if anyone cares to brain storm with me chip in.



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