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由DreamingDude編輯: 10/24/2017 7:01:16 AM

Cannot activate key after getting home from internship abroad

Hey everyone! I bought the game while I was being in Canada for an internship. Now I got back home to Europe and was hyped to activate the game and watch that sweet pre loading bar go up. Sadly, activating the game proves to be quite the challenge. Blizzard won't let me activate the key, because it is "the wrong region" and I cannot change my account region, since I only spent 3 month as an intern there and not moved residence (what.). I also cannot refund the key, as I am far away and the time window for refunding is over. Bungie is quite the only hope I have now, as I do not have enough money to buy another copy... Best regards, and thanks in advance, DreamingDude P.S.: I did not find any better way to look for help than posting here...



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