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由GGU_Atlas編輯: 10/21/2017 8:13:09 PM

Well today I Decided to Delete Destiny 2

Game is S***. The game I fell in love with was Destiny 1, Destiny 2 is nothing like that. It's a Dulled down version of Destiny 1. Game goes offline all the time cause Bungie F***ed up somewhere. They Postpone stuff all the time. For example Trials Postponed for 2 weeks. WTF! All because of a god dam emote. I know one thing for sure I won't be Buying the dlc's. SOOOO Glad I didnt buy the collectors edition. Pitty the one's that did. Bungie would have too do a lot to fix the game for me too come back. Level advantages would have to come back, Exclusive gear rewards from HM raids, Make it so that only way to hit max light is by doin HM raids, Trials, or Iron Banner. Better Flawless Gear that looks different than the normal trials gear. Bring back random rolls for weapons cause all the same rolls is lame as hell. There's like no reason to grind for anything in the game. 6v6 PvP Mode. So that being said there's no way Bungie would even do that so farewell. ✌ Time to get my Warframe, and Fortnite on



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