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由Abellis編輯: 10/17/2017 8:35:04 AM

Don't neef the Mida or Auto Rifles. Here's my suggestion instead.

I think the biggest issue with the current meta is overlooked a little too often. Flinch is what I think make the Mida and auto rifles so powerful in the current mets while weapons like hand cannons suffer. As an avid hand cannon user, all too often, I run into someone with a uriels and can't land half my shots in a face to face battle. This is due to the nature of each weapon working against each other. Hand cannons punish trigger spamming while rewarding carefully aimed shots. Problem is when you're being mowed down with an auto or the mida, the flinch can make you miss even the most carefully placed shot. This is mainly due to timing. If someone's bullet hits you at the same time that you fire, it causes you to flinch and lose accuracy. The problem is that a situation like that increases with the amount of bullets flying at you. Hence why autos are so powerful. With this in mind, I propose a SLIGHT decrease to flinch. I think this will help against the Mida' s high caliber rounds as well.



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