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10/1/2017 2:35:33 AM

Just let blizzard take over!

I love Destiny 2 so far but it's still lacking many rpg elements that most gamers are looking for, myself included. Honestly bungie, you need to just hand the player investment development over to Blizzard. They are so much more skilled in the art of creating a legendary player investment system. If I was on the dev team, I would have at least made more exotics and simply trickled them out every other week or so, allowing players to always have something to chase. I mean isn't that the point, to allow players to always have a reason why they need or want to log on to destiny besides just to do the normal reset content? You want to know why warcraft is so successful?? You want to know why I'm always willing to pay them $15 dollars a month for a sub??? They understand that concept! They have so many different things players can do. Pvp, dungeons, raids, professions, factions, farming mounts, farming achievements, farming pets, 10 or more character classes to play, toys, transmog, world bosses, rifts, and even more that I can't remember off the top of my head. The difference is they don't just give everything away. They give players a solid and direct way to obtain the items or achievements they want and they let them work for it. I can tell you from experience that Legion Pathfinding in warcraft was extremely tedious and even frustrating at times, but the moment I completed that month long quest there is absolutely no better feeling of accomplishment I've ever felt in a game. It was absolutely worth every moment I spent working on it. That is the kind of stuff that keeps me playing. That is why warcraft is successful. Player investment that actually makes me feel like I made the right choice investing my valuable time in your game. *drops the mic*



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