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8/30/2017 6:09:20 PM

PC Feedback Aim Assist, Gunplay, Cooldowns

This is my honest feedback regarding the PC beta. Keep in mind, I was previously a PS4 Destiny 1 player, but I've been on PC for the better part of 5 years now. That being said, here's my feedback on what I think about Destiny 2 in general and then specifically the PC beta. First off, Destiny 2 in general is not a bad game that provides beautiful graphics and audio (sound track is amazing so far), but I can understand where some people are coming from when they say the game feels like a "watered down version of Destiny 1" and ill have to agree with that. In my opinion, this mostly has to do with cool downs taking a bit too long across the board especially when it comes to grenades. Now, I don't know if there will be perks or "armor mods" in the full game that will allow drastically reducing cool downs (if so, disregard), but if there isn't, this game doesn't offer anything more than what many other shooters including COD already do. So, if that's the case, please reduce grenade and class ability cool downs. Not by 1%, but by at least 20 so that there's an actual noticable difference. Additionally, the new weapon system would actually be decent if heavy ammo cool downs in PvP were a little more frequent (like special ammo in Destiny 1 right now) and Energy weapons had a real purpose in PvE. That being said, that's all I got for destiny 2 suggestions and feedback. The rest is specific to the PC version. Now, the PC beta left me quite impressed because the game just feels native to PC and should have been here 3 years ago. Graphics are stunning and the game is well optimized. I was able to run Ultra settings, 60 FPS stable on 1440p with my GTX 1070 and R5 1600X. Im sure 4K 60 FPS is doable given I reduce some settings to high or medium. The game ran stable 60 FPS 1080p on medium to high settings on my R5 1400 (over clocked to 4.0 GHz) and GTX 1050Ti which I say is pretty damn impressive given the stunning visuals of the game. Mouse and keyboard gunplay feels perfect, but definitely took some getting used to after playing with a controller for years. However, like many have mentioned, the experience on PC is ruined when others start hooking up their controllers and have aim assist, or basically aim bot. Something I recommend is disabling aim assist on the PC version entirely, or like others have said, this game will not be in the competitive scene (at least for PC). Lastly, text chat currently displays our full Battle.NET names when sending messages. Changing it to display our USERNAMES (E.g. GoldenLorax) would be a fix. In conclusion, there is minor work to be done for the PC version to hit it in the nail and be perfect (for the most part I am impressed). Cool downs need to be reduced when regarding grenades, class abilities (not supers), and heavy ammo. Energy weapons need to do significantly more damage against shielded AIs in PvE and against active super players in PvP. Besides that, Destiny 2 is turning out to be a nice sequel to a disappointing D1 launch and I look forward to playing the full game on PC where it undoubtedly provides the full experience.



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