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原先發佈於: When is abortion acceptable?
由The Researcher編輯: 6/19/2017 5:18:33 PM
Quite frankly I think that people need to learn how to live with consequences. If you don't want a baby either: use condoms (or other stuff that decreases the chance of a woman becoming pregnant) Or don't have sex at all. Isn't having responsibility something you're taught as a child? [spoiler]although that may not always be the case. If it's a case of r@pe, I say it's totally fine, but then we can't know for sure if the woman is lying or telling the truth. If it's a case of the contraceptive failing, well, as I said before, if you wanna be sure don't even have sex until you're ready.[/spoiler] [spoiler]I think if a womans life is in danger she should get to choose to abort. Although, those don't always mean the woman WILL die. I've met a lady who decided she would rather give birth so the baby could be born, and give hr life in the process, but... she lived. Just saying it's not a rule that the woman will die.[/spoiler]



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