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#CommunityFocus Aztecross

This dude Aztecross really deserves a community focus. He puts out solid content almost every day on YouTube, he plays with people who have been in the spotlight before, and he holds his own day in and day out in the crucible. Cross has a very friendly vibe to his youtube channel, and does a great job at breaking down why a gun/ability/exotic is good, not just telling you to run it BECAUSE it's good. Every time he logs off twitch he hosts someone else and sends his viewers their way, and that streamer getting hosted always lights up when he catches all those viewers at once. The ultimate testament to just how genuinely nice this guy seems to be is that, get ready for it, IM AN XBOX PLAYER, AND MY FAVORITE CONTENT CREATOR IS ON PS4. That's crazy man. Short and sweet version, Aztecross has a positive impact on this amazing world Bungie created for us, and putting in him in the spotlight to make it possible for him to reach out to more guardians, would really benefit the players. Upvote this to help out! Cmon guys, @Cozmo owes me one for ruining my Trials card last week anyway. Edit: Please ignore unnecessary comments, Cross is a good dude. I didn't start this thread to start an argument.



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