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This is the truth.

In this thread, I will post truths that you are unlikely to believe & certain not to hear in mainstream media. I will add items to the list as I think of them. ******* 9/11 was Mossad, not al-Qaeda The media is run by the CIA Most of the CIA's budget goes toward propaganda Education has been hijacked and corrupted Pornography is engineered in order to manipulate the behavior of the public Fluoride is neurotoxic The CIA killed JFK The US intelligence apparatus directly supports terrorism The refugee crisis was engineered to shift voting demographics of European peoples Greek debt crisis was engineered by the EU to create a vassal state The Ukraine civil war was started by NATO Trump did nothing wrong The elite want a socialist one world government with centralized resource control The 2008 global financial crisis was started by the Rothschild banking family on purpose Global warming is mostly a scam - it is a real phenomenon, but it is caused by natural processes, not human activity - the vast majority of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere come from the oceans due to the orbital periods of other planets changing Earth's tidal patterns Bush knew there were no WMD's in Iraq Muh Russia is a DNC-crafted lie John Podesta had Seth Rich killed on behalf of the DNC Sandy Hook probably didn't happen - at the very least, we know [i]for a fact[/i] that significant portions of the media coverage were faked The Illuminati is real - they are a globalist supermafia formed from the top echelon of elite banker families of all nations The Bilderberg Group is a tool used by the Illuminati to communicate their agenda to members of the elite outside of the organization and convince/force them to cooperate The Illuminati practice pedophilia, ritual sacrifice, and Satan worship - they are the fallen tribe, the "synagogue of Satan" foretold in Revelation Google is a front for CIA data analysis of civilians The Internet was invented by the U.S. military and is a massive data mining tool that will be used to profile every person around the world in a centralized database - this is not just opportunism, it is actually the reason why it was invented Quantum computers are being researched and developed by the U.S. government and will be used to render encryption irrelevant forever & predict human behavior using real-time simulations based on data mined from the Internet The Bohemian Grove is real - it is an Illuminati indoctrination camp for politicians MKULTRA happened and subsequent programs are ongoing The purpose of MKULTRA was to study the techniques of hypnosis used by the ancient occult and better understand them in the context of modern science Hypnosis is real & is a critical tool used by the Illuminati to control thought & maintain their power - it has its origins in ancient Babylon (possibly even earlier than that) and is one of the most closely guarded of the ancient secrets - hypnosis is the same thing ancient civilizations referred to as "magic" There are varying types of hypnosis - it can be practiced on individual people as well as mass populations - hypnosis works by triggering and exploiting the mind's natural capacity for dissociation in order to implant suggestions Usury and interest are the exact same thing - usury was banned by most ancient civilizations because it essentially acts like a sponge to siphon wealth out of society and into the pockets of the bankers - to reverse this stigma, the bankers simply invented a new word for the practice and got it re-instated worldwide Our entire monetary system is fundamentally flawed - there is more debt than there is money in the system, meaning that the sum total of the debt can literally never be paid off - this is due to the implementation of compound interest on loans On top of that, fiat money has no intrinsic value & can be invented out of thin air at the whim of the bankers, rendering the entire concept of money itself meaningless - all money in the entire world is literally owned by one family, the Rothschilds, save for the currencies of just three countries (Cuba, North Korea, and Iran) US currency is not owned or printed by the US government - it is owned and printed by the Federal Reserve, which is a privately owned bank held by the Rothschild family - the Reserve prints money and then [i]LOANS IT[/i] to the government, which must repay the Reserve [i]WITH INTEREST[/i], which is ultimately impossible as I outlined in my previous point - therefore, all US currency is literally the property of the Rothschild family and our entire government is permanently indebted to them HAARP was a test platform for mass thought manipulation via radio waves & the government invented the weather modification conspiracy theory to throw you off the scent Weather modification is real, but it is mostly achieved via the use of aerosol sprays into cloud formations ("cloud seeding") - this isn't even a conspiracy theory anymore now that China freely admits to doing it



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