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5/30/2017 1:09:39 AM

Donald Trump is a puppet of very powerful people.

I mean, come on, it's so obvious. You think a guy like that could become president without someone else pulling the strings? No. He's obviously in somebody's pocket, even if he doesn't know it. But who? Who benefits most from a Trump presidency? You might say Russia, or neo-n@zis, or the Mexican ladder industry, or manufacturers of children's​ gloves. You would be wrong. I'll tell you who has the most to gain. I'll give you their names. Baldwin. Colbert. Oliver. Noah. Bee. I submit to you, the internet, that Trump was put into office by, and for the benefit of, tv comedians. Think about it. Many have attributed Trump's victory to his disproportionate amount of media coverage. And who was always, always, talking about Trump, mocking his tiny hands, his hair, his orange face? That's right. The comedians. What's more, last week during a mock intervention regarding Trump's Twitter habits, here is what Colbert had to say about their effects on him: [quote]My ratings are up.[/quote] Furthermore, during his segment [i]Big Furry Hat[/i], Colbert regularly boasts about the enormous amount of power he wields. He clearly thinks​ of himself as someone with significant influence on the American political system. These humorous decrees he makes while enhatted are clearly only hints at his true lust for power. And Colbert is only one of many conspirators. Think about it. Why write jokes about a president when you can choose one who does it for you? Trump is clearly being controlled by his greatest enemy: people who not only pay attention to things that he says and does, but also voice opinions about those statements and actions.



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