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4/6/2017 9:38:55 PM

Aztecross for #CommunityFocus

Aztecross. If you don't know that name, you should. This guy puts in work in every sense. Whether he's throwing some nasty hammers in the crucible, or sitting behind his PC editing a new video, he's always working. He's what every great Destiny player should aspire to be; friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. He's not here to tell you what cheese spot to stand on in Trials or how to eject your disc tray to keep Crota down, he's here to show you how to be a better player the right way. He's not asking you for $50 for a Lighthouse carry, he wants you to get their on your own. Personally, his videos have helped me get back to where I was in PVP when I left in Year 1. I came back and I felt like a scrub. A few weeks later, and a lot of hours of practice, I was at Lighthouse, but not with him or some other great player, I was there with friends. No better feeling than that. Guardians, I ask you to help this awesome guy get the recognition he deserves in the #CommunityFocus OH GREAT BUNGIE, HEAR MY PLEA.



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