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3/16/2017 6:51:10 PM

Wish for Destiny 2. Fourth Heavy Weapon Class!

Railguns! Cozmo, Deej - please pass this on! My favorite weapons from Halo were the Sniper Rifle and the Railgun. We have plenty of Snipers in Destiny, but have only ever had one weapon similar to a Railgun - the Sleeper Simulant. The Sleeper Simulant is amazing! ...but, it is only one weapon and is available only in Solar damage (side note, I would love it if they created an Arc and Void Sleeper Simulant a la Nova Mortis and Abbadon). The Sleeper Simulant is technically a Laser and is considered a Heavy Fusion Rifle, but fundamentally, it functions like a Railgun. What I really hope for Destiny 2 is that they fully embrace the Railgun as a heavy weapon type. That way we could have: 1. Rocket Lauchers 2. Heavy Machineguns 3. Swords 4. Railguns (charges similar to fusion rifles, but shoots a single high damage elecromagnetic projectile instead of a spread of multiple bolts). They could balance this by having legendary Railguns only hold one shot in the magazine and Exotics similar to Sleeper Simulant could have 3 in the mag like they do now. If you are curious as to what this might function like you can look up videos of Halo Railgun gameplay. It holds a single shot in the magazine, charges like a fusion rifle, and shoots a single high damage, highly explosive round that detonates on impact. It can basically one-shot any enemy in PvE content. What do you guys think? More options are always good, right?



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