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The dumbest article I've ever read.

[quote][b]Actually, How Donald Trump Eats His Steak Matters[/b][/quote] Jesus Christ. Talk about armchair psychology. Everything about this article exudes liberal snobbery & superiority complex. Some choice cuts (pun intended): [quote]You’re free to eat your steak however you like, but I’m free to see your choice and understand that it reveals something fundamental about you.[/quote] [quote]This is a simple matter of science: Steaks with even a little bit of red in them are better than steaks without. This is a fact, a chemical and physical truth, the result of an alchemy of fat and protein and salt, and the way matter transforms when exposed to heat, and the way our bodies connect the chemicals of taste to the chemicals of pleasure. I’m not saying that cooked-through meat is always bad; in fact, it can be wonderful — just look at pot roast or short ribs, cuts of meat that are at their best when fully cooked — but when you order a tender, excellent cut (say, an aged New York strip or a bone-in ribeye), eating it well done means you’re robbing yourself of the quantitatively greater happiness that a pinker middle provides.[/quote] [quote]Adults who won’t eat pink-hearted steaks might lean on any number of reasons for their position, but almost always it comes down to an aversion to risk, which is at its core an unwillingness to trust the validity and goodwill of any experiences beyond the limited sphere of one’s own. It is — and we’re talking about steak here, so don’t get huffy — a confession of a certain timidity, a defensiveness, an insecurity. It’s not just a fear of change, it’s also a bone-deep fear that the way you’ve always done something — the way that, without outside intervention, you might continue always do it — will turn out not to have been the best way for you after all. The risk of that private humiliation can easily outweigh any benefit that could come from your new, better way. It means that when presented with a risk, you make the choice not to trust.[/quote] What a joke. Must [i]everything[/i] be twisted into an opportunity to trash Trump these days? I feel like I'm living in the Soviet Union. Hey, liberals: sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Trump likes his steaks well-done. That's it. It doesn't mean anything.



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