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3/1/2017 1:15:27 AM

AGSSGA is looking for Leaders/Admins/Members

Hello Guardians, if you have a drive to get raid teams set up, groups for PvP, and so on… Some members and I work overnights, so for the daytime players I need someone that will take the challenge of leading the group where others can’t. This is a work in progress group of gamers, I don’t need quitters. Please understand that a group/clan requires commitment, we will not become large and develop overnight. Not asking for blood, sweat and tears. It is understood life happens, God, Family, and Jobs come before all others. Our goal is to have a group of Guardians that enjoy the game and time together. I would enjoy it if there was one set of members that was just for strikes, another for just PvP and so on… -Raids – All raid Normal and Hard with or without challenges -Strikes -Trials – I would like to try (I am NOT a good player) -Crucible - Weekly and Daily missions -PoE -Nightfall -Iron banner -Archons forge -Court of Oryx -Daily story missions -Exotic weapon Quests -Ghost and SIVA hunts -Flawless raider -Unlocking achievements Age requirement: ALL age’s welcome, military people have potty mouths so if foul language upsets you or you do not wish to hear it PLEASE inform those you are playing with. Requirements to join the clan are: - First and foremost important; Communication. - Be a good sport (it's okay if you rage a little, everyone does that, but don't take things too far) - Be supportive. Don't tell people they suck or they're bad if they have a low K/D or can't do a raid. That's why this clan was made. To help people with whatever they need help with. - Have fun! This clan is about making sure people have fun in the game. So if you’re having fun, then our clan is successful. -Speak up, if there is something you wish to see or thing the clan can be better at ask questions, say something or give suggestions. -We use a third party app, Discord. An invite URL is in the clan announcement page (not a requirement to download, but communication is a MUST) PSN /Destiny app/Discord. If interested just ask to join, or you can message me GhostRydaz31 on PSN I have to app on my phone so I can respond at any time if I’m not busy. Thanks, and remember God Bless the Fallen. Our clan is also in an alliance with Misadventuring Architects and Dead Jade Rabbits, so please be sure to stop by and say Hi if you chose to join our family. If you have any more questions message me in the app and I'll be happy to answer them! Clan URL Other games members play; Titanfall 2, The Division, The Crew, For Honor, Wildlands, and others



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