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Round Earth is POSSIBLE with a FLAT HORIZON.

EDIT: Out of respect for Krishnas Prophet, I changed the title to a slightly less rude intro to my debate. But... Yes, this is your new name. Embrace it. I actually think it's a cool name to have, but that's only me. Anyway... Here's my proposal. You say that because the earth has a flat horizon, that means that the earth is flat. The average horizon can extend anywhere from 3 to 12 miles, or more depending on your height and position. The diameter of the earth is over 9,000 miles, and the circumference is over 27,000 thousand miles. That 3 to 12+ mile horizon is a microscopic hole in a very large bucket. Bump it up to 50, or even 100, it's still a very small number compared to the measurments of the earth. And just because it's a flat horizon doesn't mean the earth is flat. You say that the earth must have a round or curved horizon in order to be a round globe. I think not. That makes no geometrical sense at all. The horizon stays flat all the way around, curving downwards into the rest of the globe. Your description of a round earth is only possible with a curved horizon, but what would it be curving into? That would look like a Pringle. Everything should look like that messed up curvy SuperView on a GoPro. So my challenge to you is this: A round earth is very much possible with a flat horizon that wraps around. If the horizon were to curve, it wouldn't make sense, on any form of the earth, flat or round. This is not a matter or science, or math or numbers. This is plain logic, common sense. Put this into perspective. If you were the size of a molecule or cell, and you were placed on a Baseball, would the horizon you see be curved or flat?



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