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The Illuminati is real AMA

I know things. Ask me & I'll tell you what I know. Nothing is off limits, as long as it conforms to site rules. A few points to get out of the way first. Don't ask about any of these things, because I've already provided the answers below. I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the Illuminati. I have never attended a meeting of the Illuminati. I have never seen any "master plans" or anything like that. What I know comes primarily from two separate personal experiences, as well as a source from within the organization who made a prediction (based on his foreknowledge of their plans) that came true. I have also done my own independent research and gleaned some additional truth from what's already out there for anyone to discover, but I consider that secondary & therefore less reliable than the stuff I have discovered first-hand. They do not call themselves the "Illuminati". That is just one of the many names they have been given to them over the centuries. They are a very old organization that has existed for hundreds of years, at least as far back as the Enlightenment & likely even further than that. They have taken many guises and been given many names through the years, but these entities are all in fact the same organization. The Illuminati is not all-powerful. They do not control everything & they generally operate on a macro level. They operate from the shadows & do not make themselves known, even to our government. Virtually all Western nations are controlled by the Illuminati, but indirectly. In the modern era, the Illuminati uses intelligence agencies as its primary mechanism of control. A few procedural things while we're at it. I have no knowledge or evidence for the existence of aliens, demons, other dimensions, or any such things, so don't ask me about them. They're irrelevant to understanding the Illuminati. I do know that the UFO phenomenon is an active psy-op perpetuated by the CIA, and that the CIA conducts many such ops to distract people & to discredit conspiracy theories as a category altogether. And yes, before you ask: I am the (former) porn producer who used to post AMAs about the industry here. That actually ties directly into the way I discovered the Illuminati. Ask me about it. (I will NOT be answering any questions about the industry, so don't ask. Those threads get shut down every time and I have no desire to provoke the mods.)



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