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2/9/2017 12:20:50 PM

I just hit Tier 12 (4x3). AMA.

In all seriousness, I give a huge shout out to the folks behind Ishtar Commander for Destiny. The items I needed to get here were already sitting in my vault, some already maxed out, but at low light. Even better, they are rolled with some great matching perks! I sat here chasing 400 light since I got back onto Destiny from a 1 year hiatus (quit around November 2015, began playing again in November 2016). I hit 400 light a week ago, and now that I have Tier 12 cooldown, I can try my luck in ToO (still no Lighthouse, boohoo). I literally can't contain my excitement for Destiny 2. Just a little post to let out some joy! Good Luck out there guardians!



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