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1/15/2017 10:20:48 AM

PS4 Clan; AGSSGA recruiting

Hello Guardians, GhostRydaz31 here, were looking to increase (at base level) our member base in our clan. AGSSGA, All Gave Some Some Gave All is looking to add members on the PS4 console. We are a group of local friends that all have military or police experience looking to gather more “Oath Keepers” into our community of gamers. We want to complete quest, strikes and most of all RAIDS! Raids is a prime goal for me. PvP is something we do sometimes, but at the same token we don’t have members that the main focus is PvP. Crucible can become a prime function if members want to play PvP. The Guardians we’re looking for are friendly, energetic, goof-off but also helpful. If you have a drive to help others and not abandon missions, strikes and raids because someone is failing (speaking for me. Not the best destiny player). We are not looking for quitters. If you join AGSSGA you will gain a fun experience (but everyone has bad days, I understand this) running strikes and PvP or raids. We talk trash to each other, but we have also grown up together. We always look to accommodate others. If you have a goal or would like the clan to achieve something, please speak up. The unheard voice is the only frustrated one. Our goal is to have a group of Guardians that enjoy the game and time together. I would enjoy it if there was one set of members that was just for strikes, another for just PvP and so on… The 3 main players/members, GhostRydaz19, GhostRydaz87 and GhostRydaz31 (thats me) all work different hours. 87 and I work at the same facility and we work overnights, 19 is a M-F 7a-5p type of employment. We try our best to be on when we are all free. If interested just ask to join, or you can message me GhostRydaz31 on PSN. Thanks, and remember God Bless the Fallen.



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